Top 4 printing papers

Our team here at LightSource SF, has compiled a list of our favorite papers for printing because we firmly believe that quality matters. The paper you use to print your artwork matters. Our experts spill the glossy – and often matte – details on their top paper picks!

And hey, come on in and try out one of these 4 papers and we’ll throw in a FREE TEST STRIP so you can see for yourself!

Light Source SF Paper

#1- Epson Legacy Platine. 

“I find myself recommending Epson’s Legacy Platine to more and more of our clients. We started carrying it last fall, and it yields prints with deep, rich blacks and lots of saturation. It’s bright white but OBA-free, and I love the feel of the cotton fiber base.”

– Ward Long, Imaging Expert

“My favorite paper we stock is Epson Legacy Platine.  This is a high end 100% cotton paper in Epson’s new “Legacy” paper line. It is a semi gloss, thick, slightly warm toned paper that produces rich blacks and bright colors, making it the perfect choice for many of my colorful, saturated images. The paper contains no OBA’s (optical brightening agents) unlike its closest relative, Epson Legacy Baryta, and is rated to hold color up to 200 years.  Epson Legacy Platine is an excellent choice for anyone looking to print photographic works on a coated surface.” The paper can be found here: Epson’s Legacy Platine

– Caleb Stater, Imaging Expert

#2 – Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Pearl

“My favorite paper is the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Pearl. The Pearl has a great color gamut (and holds a lot of ink for great darker tones), ideal weight, perfect semi-matte finish, and just enough texture to give my work the fine art feel. It is one of my top recommendations to clients, and the first choice for my own photography. ”

– Stephen Shearer, Production Manager

“I like the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Pearl for its great detail rendition, wide color gamut, and subtle texture.” The paper can be found here: Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Pearl

– Jeff Young, Imaging & Printing Expert

#3 & #4 – Epson Cold Press Natural & Epson Baryta

“I have two favorites: Epson Cold Press Natural has a subtle texture with a slightly off white paper that adds depth and warmth to your image. Epson Baryta has a crisp pearl like finish with a bright white paper that adds a bold dimension to both B&W and color images.” Both can be found here, Epson Cold Press Natural

– Sam Hoffman, Founder, President