LightSource Sustainability Initiatives

As a San Francisco certified Green Business, LightSource is committed to setting a precedent for environmental stewardship in the printing industry through the sourcing of our papers and materials;  donating to local environmental organizations; and offsetting our carbon footprint through the One Tree Planted initiative. 

Our Hahnemuhle papers are made from the highest quality fibers. Not only does Hahnemühle maintain superior standards at their factories in Germany, but their prints eliminate future waste through their lightfast premium color pigments that will last hundreds of years. 

Their materials come from linters– naturally occurring by-products of the textile and oil industries that cling to the seed of the cotton plant, as well as fast-growing, resource-conserving  renewable cellulose alternatives like bamboo, hemp and agave.All Hahnemühle papers are completely vegan, acid free with a pH value between 7.5 and 9.5, buffered against air pollutants with a calcium carbonate, free of degrading wood fibres, and comply with the highest class of durability set by the International Standards Organization. 

The energy used to power Hahnemühle their facilities comes exclusively from renewable sources, such as wind, water and solar energy bringing their total emissions output to 40% below the legal limit. Production waste and scrap materials are returned to the production cycle whenever possible.The water used to produce Hahnumuhle  papers is sourced directly from an underground spring in the Solling Hill range adjacent to their factory. With such a high degree of purity, the water doesn’t necessitate any treatment. This avoids any potential contamination of the surrounding ecosystem.

On February 13, 2020 pleas join us for, “Birds of the Bay,”  a fundraising exhibition in benefit of the Golden Gate Audubon Society. Aviary photographer and pediatric neurosurgeon Corey Raffel will exhibit his prints of Bay Area birds. All proceeds will be donated to GGAS.

As always, every time you buy a print we will donate $1 to One Tree Planted. $1 = 1 tree planted in order to do our part in this global reforestation initiative.

Hahnemuehle Environmental Philosophy 

One Tree Planted

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Golden Gate Audubon Society