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Artwork Capture

Artwork Captures at Lightsource

Artwork Capture

Every detail captured

To make the flawless print, we start with a flawless image.

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Our capture service is the ideal starting point for digitizing your art and perfect for reproduction prints, digital archives, and much more.

We photograph your artwork to the highest degree of precision and accuracy with high resolution camera and studio lighting. With our capture service, you can edition reproduction prints, enlarge an original work, or preserve the highest quality images in your archive. Order five or more edition prints at the time of capture, and we’ll include a full-size complimentary proof print! Contact us to make an appointment and drop off your artwork.

Why Our Captures Are Better

  • Amazing 400MP resolution

    Amazing 400MP Resolution

    Our Hasselblad H6D-400 camera has the largest sensor available in a stationary camera, allowing us to capture very large pieces from a single vantage. Consistent lighting and precise geometry results in true-to-life images, unlike other studios that stitch together multiple shots from different positions.

  • Controlled studio conditions

    Controlled Studio Conditions

    Our state of the art Broncolor lighting system brings over 60 years of Swiss engineering to the task. These powerful and precise strobes enable us to capture your work in stunning detail, with unrivaled color and tonal accuracy. We have flexibility to capture irregular and reflective surfaces, and to photograph framed works with ease.

  • Meticulous Postproduction

    Drawing on years of museum experience and fine art education, our capture technicians bring their A-game to every job. Files delivered in 16bit ProPhoto RGB give you a huge color output gamut, for all your project needs.

Most popular

We can capture any kind of 2D art

  • Works on paper, including pencil and pastel drawings
  • Paintings, including oil, acrylic, and watercolor
  • Original or unique photographs, tintypes and pinhole prints
  • Historic photos, documents, scrolls and memorabilia
  • Fabric, Textiles, and Fiber Art
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Capture Pricing

WEB$30– –minimum of 5 artworks
SMALL$60$40for prints up to 18×24″
MEDIUM$90$60for prints up to 27×36″
LARGE$120$80for prints up to 30×40″
X-LARGE$150$100for prints up to 40×50″
XXL$200$133for prints up to 45×60″
XXXL$250$167for prints up to 60×90″

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Get in touch with us to discuss your capture project and arrange handoff of your artwork.

“I consider Lightsource my essential partner in creating and delivering the highest quality reproductions of my work.” Susan Schneider Williams Painter