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A studio visit with our friend + client Thea Schrack











We had the pleasure of being able to talk to our friend + client Thea Schrack about her practice. It’s always fun to visit artists in their studios, especially when they are as colorful as Thea’s.

Who are you, what do you do (what is your practice)?

I’m a full time artist and split my time between painting and photography. I’ve been in business as a fine art photographer for over 30 years. I took on a painting studio about 4 years ago. My work is represented by a number of galleries and I work with art consultants across the country.

What is the inspiration behind your work?

Nature is an ongoing inspiration for my work. Photography has given me this life of exploration and appreciation of our natural, ever changing world. Subtle or dramatic, I look for these changes. Most recently I have focused on the Ocean, I’ve photographed little else for the past 5 years. It’s been the most intense body of work I’ve ever done, involving lots of travel up and down the coast and mostly before dawn and after dusk shoots.  It has also influenced my painting, it’s in me, all the motion, colors and drama. I only lost one camera to a big wave!


What kind of effect do you want your work to have on people?

I do hope it makes people see our natural world more closely, and appreciate what is still left to take care of. Of course, beauty is up most important to me, that’s what I see, even in a lot of rather mundane subjects.

What is your process like and where does LightSource fit in?

I have this daily need to create, with paint or pixels. It’s what makes me feel alive! My work is 100% self- generated.  Just show up, shoot hundred’s of thousands of pictures or paint another canvas, let the muse take control and have faith it will take care of you.

LightSource has been an ongoing support for both practices.  They were a critical part in my work going big, offering the skills, technical advice and encouragement that I needed. LightSource is not only the best print lab and art capture studio, they are a community, connecting all of us.   Thank you for the BIG PICTURE.


IG: @theaschrack