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Catching up with super-duo Curate Art Group

We spoke to Rachel and Brooke from Curate Art Group, friends and clients of LightSource. Rachel and Brooke are at the top of their game, placing art in high-end spaces both nationally and internationally.

What is Curate Art Group?

Full service art consulting company in SF that works with hotels, offices, and hospitals throughout the USA and Mexico. Along with delivering high-quality artwork of all mediums, Curate saves their clients cost and time through cost analysis, value engineering, and project management. Clients include: Marriott, Hilton, Crowne Plaza, Strava, Kaiser, and others.

What inspired you to start Curate Art Group?

We consider ourselves passionate patrons of the arts, while also obsessed with details and organization. Through Curate, we constantly meet with galleries and artists which feeds our love of art, and allows us to share with our clients. Having a business allows us to combine our love of analysis and process.

What are your goals/aspirations for your company?

We’re currently in over 20 states and Mexico, and would love to place artwork in all of the states! We’re also excited to help progress women-owned businesses, and aspire to build up as many people of all genders.

Where does LightSource fit into your process?

LightSource creates top of the line artwork, that we’re always very proud to share with our pickiest clients. We use LightSource for not only our projects, but also for fine-art artists’ shows and collections.

IG: @curate_art_group