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Metal Prints now available!

Image (c) Tristan O’Tierney

You asked for metal prints and we listened. Metal Prints are now available and you can order them here.

Why do I want metal prints?

The best reason for a metal print is for the incredible look. Vibrant colors, brilliant depth, and high gloss gives metal prints a luminous quality. Special dyes are infused into a thick translucent coating. The image is not printed onto the surface, but rather has a depth that in effect glows. People that see a metal print for the first time, often think that the print is backlit.

Our metal prints are scratch-resistant and waterproof, ideal for hanging in restaurants, lobbies, and home areas where unframed paper prints would be susceptible to water damage.


Image (c) Tristan O’Tierney

How is a photo printed onto a metal plate?

Special dyes are printed onto a transfer paper and then infused into a polymer coating using high pressure and heat.

How permanent is a metal print?

Our metal prints are made with ChromaLuxe metal and the longest lasting sublimation inks. Rochester Institute of Technology has conducted accelerated aging tests on metal prints and show an archival value of 2 to 4 times the image stability of traditional silver based photo papers. In addition to RIT testing, another highly respected testing facility, Wilhelm Imaging Research has substantiated the superior archival characteristics of ChromaLuxe metal prints.

How long does it take?

About a week. If you have a particular deadline, we’ll do our best to meet it as always, just let us know when you place your order.



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