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Project Spotlight: How to Build a House at Swissnex SF

How to Build a House

Digital technologies promise to transform today’s approach to architecture and construction. How to Build a House presents the far-reaching transformations affecting the way we build — and the social, economic and ecological logic of how we make things.

The exhibition is a visual journey through research on the digital transformation of architecture and construction. LightSource was pleased to make the prints for this show. The exhibition reveals the conception and making of the DFAB HOUSE: A three-story experimental building demonstrating the pioneering research in computational design and digital fabrication being conducted by architects in collaboration with leading experts in fields ranging from robotics to material science.

How to Build a House: Architectural Research in the Digital Age has been curated by Hannes Mayer and Sarah Schneider of Gramazio Kohler Research. The exhibition is kindly supported by the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Digital Fabrication, ETH Zurich and Swissnex San Francisco.


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