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Studio Visit with Client + Friend Cat Sommer




Artist + Painter



We got to catch up with Cat Sommer, our friend and client. Cat gets her paintings captured and produces limited edition prints with LightSource.

“I’m an artist born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in Lompoc, California. I’m the daughter of a Colombian woman and an American man. I now live and work in San Francisco, California. I predominately work with acrylic on canvas, wood, and paper.”


“I view my work as an auto-biographical visual poem. Each piece has its own origin, and are often birthed through a daydream. I find my ideas come to me when thinking of identity, which is deeply rooted in my experience as a Colombian-American feminist woman navigating the American culturescape.

I love that art is separate from the artist; that once the viewer has a relationship with an image, it takes on a whole new meaning to them.”


“Some pieces whisper to me and some pieces scream. I sometimes have to chase them down. My ideas come to me while I daydream. I’ve also had paintings come to me in my dreams. Once I have spent time imagining the idea, I draw a loose sketch on the canvas. I always paint during the day. Once I’ve completed a painting, but before I varnish, I take my piece to LightSource to be captured. I also print limited edition giclee prints through LightSource. I will have all my prints available this year for San Francisco Open Studios weekend 5, at ArtAttack SF 2358 Market St Ste #1Nov 10-11, 11-6. I invite you to please come and view my work in person.”

IG: catsommerartist