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Studio Visit with Ivy Jacobsen






“My name is Ivy Jacobsen and I am a botanical artist. I create layered mixed media paintings on wood panel. The main inspiration behind my work is my fascination and love of nature. Nature provides an internal spring of wonder and I bring that curiosity into the studio when creating artwork. I work from a photograph or memory but always rely heavily on my subconscious and intuition in each painting. It is through the process of mark making that the piece communicates with me in the direction to go. What results is a balance between realism and imaginative stylized depictions of the natural world. The act of painting is a meditative process and it brings me an abundance of peace.”


“The effect I want my work to have on viewers to remind them of the beauty, wonder, and mystery of the natural world. I want the observer to keep discovering new things over time within the imaginary environment. By looking within the layers, one can see work and history within the painting. Since the act of painting is such a calming endeavor for me, I’m hoping that the feeling of peace radiates out of the work into the viewer.”

For the last decade I’ve been focused on creating the illusion of depth within my landscapes. I do this by thin glazes of oil and acrylic paint, slowly built up over time. I also use 2 part epoxy resin as a layer (or glaze) as this gives a physical depth to the piece.

“I recently teamed up with LightSource on a commission for UCSF Cancer Care Building in San Francisco’s Mission Bay. I was commissioned to paint 2 large diptychs that will be digitally captured and printed on a clear film and applied to the glass walls of the 2 Infusion Floors of the hospital. LightSource did the digital captures and the extensive work on the images. Since the final pieces will be over 55 ft long each, LightSource re-sized the images and edited them for the unique space in the Hospital. I’ve also worked with LightSource for prints of my paintings over the years.”

IG: @ivy_jacobsen_art